Barbie says to Ken: You know what chlorine does to my hair.  But if you insist we go swimming at least have the courtesy to help me take my head off first. -Denise Duhamel, Codependent Relationship

It's been a while, no?! In the 432094234 years since I last posted, I've been up to a few things.  One of my latest projects has been designing a last so that in the near future, I won't need to blowdry leather on my foot.  Remember that?

In the meantime, I've been playing around, again, with the process of de and reconstructing stripper heels (Barbie edition?).

I'll admit it: the floating glitter in the heel won me over!

The more you move, the more you sparkle; it's a terribly elegant concept.  They're insane, so I kept the uppers pretty simple: glossy black leather straps with long ankle straps.  You can wrap them around the ankle, around the instep, around the heel, up the leg, around your boyfriend, around the neighbors...

The crystal bouquet adornment is a harness I created a while ago, but never shot, for some reason.

Obviously, I ripped off the plastic uppers to accomplish this, etc etc, but this time around, I figured I'd keep it simple and spare you the long description of the rebuilding process— I covered that thoroughly last time around.  I'm going to let the pictures speak (scream?) for themselves.

Also, I started a Formspring (an anonymous question forum), so you can ask me questions!  Just go here.

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