Three years ago today, we started this little blog. Three years of sticking it to good taste, swinging from chandeliers and roasting harlequin chickens. Happy birthday, baby (IN)DECOROUS, we've had a few follies.

We painted: Rooms (And rugs. And commodes. And pillows. And zebras.)

And bags.

And chairs. A love affair with chintz began continues.

We roasted.

We pasted:

We did some heavy lifting:

Our chairs played dress up.

And so did we.  A love affair with lucite began continues.

We wrote.  About Florine:

And gabbed.  About Tom Ford's tractors:

We marveled.  About the man who, over the course of a lifetime designed a set of furniture for the gods, in the obscurity his own garage.

We wished we could eat rocks (rocklets?).

We painted bars. And boozed.

And boozed.

And sometime while we were boozing, Saskia De Brauw wore our harness on her head in Vogue Italia...

We made our first pair of shoes.

And then we made more.

So, cheers to us.

And to you, dear readers, for following all this time.


Eye Phones

Wink wink.

Are we cyborgs? When misplacing your cell feels like losing a limb, I wonder if it's actually a phone, or more like a third arm or possibly an external brain supplement.   Eyephone, indeed.

I created these little beasts from hornback caiman crocodile and polished galuchat (stingray). Not to toot my own horn(back, ahahahaa) but I also hand painted them.  What was unexpected was how lovely the gold turned out over the stingray.  It glistens like a gem.


An (IN)DECOROUS Christmas

Happy holidays!!!

Clearly, I love sparkly crystal as much as the next person but I'm sort of sick of "elegant" silver trees. The Plaza has a tack-tastic, vomitous pink thing in their lobby (has anyone else seen it?) It had Betsey Johnson pink presents underneath it and I think it involved zebra of some variety.  It was radioactive, and so, I was taken with it for all of three minutes before I realized there were about three ornaments on it and the whole thing is plastic.  But kudos to them for going for in-your-face color. Enough about trees. Mine are always better.



Pantomime is best defined by its use of the object illusion... the illusions created are conventional objects we are all familiar with; rope, stairway, or door... The anecdotes make up the stories which can happen to all of us... The pantomimist ingeniously changes from one role to another, cleverly creating a world out of nothing.  The audience delights in seeing something that isn't there and is more than willing to give itself up to this world of make-believe.  This quality of magic and fantasy is pantomime's greatest appeal.
Actor-mime Leonard Pitt on miming as an art form

The latest crystal incarnation,  inspired by the stark and dramatic mime aesthetic.


Underneath all that Elegance

"...I knew I had discovered a man of fine breeding after I talked with him an hour.  I said to myself: 'There's the kind of man you'd like to take home and introduce to your mother and sister.'" He paused.  "I see you're looking at my cuff buttons."

I hadn't been looking at them, but I did now. They were composed of oddly familiar pieces of ivory.

"Finest specimens of human molars," he informed me.

Meyer Wolfsheim,   in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

And this, I've made from the finest specimen of human hair.

Inspiration can come from many places; in this case it was in the form of a weave.  The entire piece looked so beautiful and bizarrely elegant hanging from the chandelier that I wondered why designers haven't explored this medium more thoroughly.  I realize it's remotely disgusting, but really, is it?  

Above photograph: Daniel Lehenbauer, modeling by Henrietta at Next Model Management, Hair & Makeup by Alice Malone.  Hair dress and collar, headpiece (IN)DECOROUS TASTE.



On Friday, I celebrated my birthday and so, hosted a little dinner for my nearest and dearest used it as a giant excuse to make a really unabashed tablescape complete with several things that probably should not make it onto a birthday table.  Like skull votive holders.  Honestly I would never subject a friend (unless equipped with a healthily sick sense of humor) to this sort of memento mori dinner ensemble, but...  It's my birthday and I can dress my table as the inanimate embodiment of Morticia Addams if I want to.

I took my cake very seriously!  All cakes should be at least as large as your upper torso. Rule of thumb.

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