The Birds

It wasn't my intent, but I think I could pass for the Bride of Frankenstein.  Or, Frankenstein's Bride after she wandered onto Hitchcock's set for The Birds, ha.  I love this updo so much I wore it all day yesterday, and today... Too bad everyone assumes it's something to do with a Halloween costume, because it wasn't at all! Halloween, stealing my thunder.

Oh, and this is the backdrop from a couple posts back.  It's coming along, still not complete though.

Photography, styling, painting by (I)D.

Happy Halloween

This was my first attempt at carving a pumpkin.  Can you tell?

Photography and styling by (IN)DECOROUS TASTE.


Identity Crisis

Time in the studio, a zebra commode, tortoise panel, epically scaled grotesques ... just a few things in the works!

Sometimes I just really need to reevaluate the things I'm storing and living with, or else I get this urge to deep ditch everything and sequester myself in a white box (HAHA, can you imagine?? That would be hell.).  I'm not entirely sure why this happens, but for peace of mind, I've begun this massive wardrobe re-evaluation, and in the process I ended up discovering these graphic dresses, along with a whole host of other things I'd forgot I'd owned!  I guess that's why they call it "shopping the closet"? For me, it becomes a question of how I can rework something, what I see in it that I hadn't seen before.

Also, the blog has been having a little identity crisis, in case you haven't noticed.  Right now, it's BACK at it's original home, www.indecoroustaste.com, and the site has moved to http://id-taste.com .  This is how it's going to stay, promise! You can still access the blog at its blogspot address, but the whole thing was just too confusing and I hope this clears things up a lot.   Is your head spinning yet? (I)D is feeling like itself again...

Added one more harness to the collection, too.  It's completely stripped down and basic (is this a trend for me today?), just perfect leather straps and brass hardware, nothing else.  I'm only selling it in pairs ($75) So take a look if you're into that...

Photography, styling, design, painting by (IN)DECOROUS TASTE.


Wardrobe Malfunction

The nipple slip, it happens to the best of us?

This shirt was definitely one of those projects whose idea originated in a lighthearted flurry, but woah... at some point, as I was hunched over sewing the five concentric channels of black sequins (securing them individually) around these vintage rhinestone button "nipples" (I think they were made for this application), I started laughing at the whole situation. These were a little tricky because I absolutely needed them to lie flat in a uniform circular shape. It was also imperative that they overlapped for a slick, fish-scale appearance. I used black sequins to keep the shirt a little more subdued. It's a wink, not a frying pan to the cranium (and don't you dare say otherwise).

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Make an Entrance

Updated to add: The link has been updated! Thanks for letting me know it wasn't working.

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In the meantime, I'll leave you with this image I re-found on my desktop.  The doors were a collaboration with my mom, from... a while back.  Faux bois/ebony... They're beastly to shoot because they're in a narrow foyer.  But they make an impact!


Up and Running...

EDITED: To make things less confusing, I will be moving the blog back to its old address at www.indecoroustaste.com.  (This should happen within the next couple of days.  You can still access it by its blogspot address, though, too.) The website has already been moved to www.id-taste.com. I really hope this makes things easier!

The site and shop are up!

Hope you enjoy...the shop section is set up and ready for orders.  And really, don't hesitate to contact me with questions, at lauren.tennenbaum@gmail.com.

PS I'm going to have more time for blogging now. Expect more posts.



In conjunction with the site relaunch (see my last post), I shot some of the things I've been working on and crazy about (nude feet, boxy lucite bags!!, warm palettes (I'm a little sick of cool?) , gold chains, brass...). The nude body suit (dancer's unitard, actually) is a shocker. I wasn't expecting it to be the most practical garment in the universe, but I want to wear it with everything! Blazers, skirts, giant fur coats, leopard, leather, lace...

Also, I finally got around to making a crystal spine harness.

Painted verdure, styling, table, photography, upholstery, harnesses, etc. by (IN)DECOROUS TASTE. Thanks, Cristin, for the help photographing and styling.

Guess What?

EDITED: Due to a ton of confusion, I'm moving the blog back to www.indecoroustaste.com.  (But you can still get here via indecoroustaste.blogspot.com.) The site is  now located at www.id-taste.com.  I hope this will make things easier!

Updated: Launching on Tuesday.
Hey hey hey! First thing's first: Update your bookmarks: bookmark (IN)DECOROUS TASTE at its blogspot url, indecoroustaste.blogspot.com . WTF WHY!? Well...

In case you've been wondering what project has swallowed me alive for the past month, I've been prepping for the launch of an (IN)DECOROUS TASTE site and shop. The site will be located at indecoroustaste.com, and it'll be a more organized place to keep images of my work, along with a continually updated selection of pieces I'll make available for sale.

Guess what? It's ready, finally, and will be up on Monday Tuesday for orders.

Because it was important to me that everything be perfect, I'm starting small and launching an edited down collection of 6 harnesses. It's been a trip, just sourcing materials to find the best quality hardware and leather imaginable (I practically live in a heap of leather!)... prepping the site, photoshooting, ironing out all of those pesky incidentals. But yeah, you can now rest assured that the leather is gorgeous and the brass hardware is lush, and the straps are long enough to wear them on...anything. Also, the crystals are plexi so that they don't shatter when you wear them. You'd never know by looking at them or even feeling them though, I swear.

Here's a preview:

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