Anthony feigns him Sick of late, 
   Only to shew how he at home, 
Lies in a Princely Bed of State,
   And in a nobly furnish'd Room,
Adorned with pictures of Vandike's,
   A pair of Chrystal Candlesticks,
Rich Carpets, Quilts, the Devil, and all:
   Then you, his careful Friends if ever
You wish to cure him of his Fever,
   Go lodge him in the Hospital.

"Epigram de Mons. Maynard," by Charles Cotton, 17th Century.

I guess hospitals were as horrendous then as they are now? 

Rich Carpets, Quilts, the Devil and all...bring. it. on. The Borromeo villa fits the bill nicely, I think:

Below, a luscious bedroom in the Borromeo family's villa, built in the 16th century on Isola Bella, in Italy's Lago Maggiore.   
Above, Scan from W, January 2010 

According to W Magazine, the Borromeo's still vacation at the villa in the summer months: 
"Maggiore maintains a quieter and less crowded air than Como, its glitzier, more celebrity-filled neighbor to the east.  That's George Clooney— those people," the Principessa scoffs."
Above, Isola Bella, via Wikipedia Commons


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I'd scoff at george clooney anyday, if I got the chance! HA -
This place is so lovely too, it was a fascinating article in W last month (or 2 months ago?)

gésbi said...

Love this quote

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