I stumbled on German designer Kronier Creations a few months ago, after reading a sort of bitter comment on another post about how they'd been making these platform boots for decades before those Nina Ricci's broke onto the scene and became enormously popular.  I don't know that the Nina Ricci's were ever produced for the public, but these are a totally viable alternative! And Kronier makes them in blue metallic and a latexy type material.  How can one resist latex??

Images via Kronier Creations


Anonymous said...

in a weird kind of way, they sort of remind me of bound feet--or maybe manchu flower bowl shoes... same concept of giving the foot (and especially the footprint) a very unnatural appearance, but in this case, still preserving the foot's natural shape.

Karena said...

Well, I have to say this is a good way to break a leg, tear yyou ankle etc. I don't know if I would risk it!

Art by Karena

MiA said...

Looks like some Gagas to me ;) not saying thats a bad thing though! Love the ones at the bottom right.


Anonymous said...

I love the dynamism of these shoes! The first pair look like some sort of absurd rocket boots, paired with a costume and makeup job straight out of Flash Gordon. The shoes seem to deform the women into something recognizably biological, yet unmistakeably Other. I'm not sure that this feat could be accomplished with anything except footwear. And doesn't that third shoe look like it's melting into the floor? Why visit the La Brea tar pits when you can get them in shoe form?

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