Mining Lizards

Shh! I have a secret!

So, I told you the other day about my new ring lizard bag, that I had to share, because I'm crazy over the strangely utilitarian color scheme it's sporting and the boxy shape, and of course the skin, which is more a texture than a pattern.  I designed a new strap for it, and haven't taken it off since.

It's so easy (read: lazy) to wear, but I guess one must pick and choose their madnesses.  My madness (no, madnesses. plural) is not handbags, and in fact, I often go without one entirely. Just not my thing (dear lord, have you seen how much I've got going on in the shoe and jewelry department?).  There's also this other issue, that at any given moment, I can think of so many other spendy things I'd rather indulge in.  A lot about the marketing of handbags really bothers me.  Especially that the quality of materials and design is generally so terrible until they're in the upper stratosphere of price, and then there's that cliff to dive off...

But yes, okay...so there's nothing I find grosser than really vile quality uninteresting things (if it's going to be cheap, it had better be deliciously exciting!), we've established that. The secret? Ebay (and the occasional lucky thrift shop) is hiding these wondrous ring lizards!!!  You just have to wade through a whole lot of "lizard" listings posted by people who don't realize what they're selling.  (Leave off the "ring.")

Or, you can just go the retail route: From left to right, clockwise from largest bag: Jil Sander, Valentino studded lizard clutch ($3400 via Net a Porter), Alexander Wang python bag ($795 at Alexander Wang), Tiffany by Lambertson and Truex ($4800 at Tiffany), Tiffany by Lambertson and Truex ($1800 at Tiffany), Kelly Locke lizard clutch on ($495, on Vivre.)

What's that? Oh, you're so welcome.

1 comment:

A.n.E said...

I totally agree with pret a porter p.
The box shape, and bulk of a leather strap plays off the bag real well!

I've never been a fan of lizards -as you said ~ its either tack tack tack then wor at the other extreme -i just wanna pet it and would need over 10 years to pay it off!!

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