A Peek...

Some people make impulse purchases of things like magazines and chewing gum. A rainy day antiquing session led to my purchasing a new bed.

So, the checking account will hurt for a little while. But what can you do when love strikes? I remember once reading an article suggesting that one should only buy furniture out of love, never necessity. The author spoke of being young and abroad and falling for a coffee table that she could barely afford and for which she didn't have the space. She credited this experience for changing her outlook on buying furniture; w
hile her interior changed countless times over the years, it was never without her beloved pieces.

The idea is that if you buy only decor you fall in love with, your interior will take more time to construct, but you'll never grow tired of it, as you'll always find a place for those pieces that speak to you. I adore the interiors of collectors' for this very reason.

As soon as the weather clears up, I'll foray into the world of the French polish. Until then, I leave you with a peak of things to come:

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