My, What Lovely Bones You Have

You hear a lot about rooms with "great bone structure." This one has better bones than Kate Moss.

Click to enlarge.
The great hall at Highclere Castle in Hampshire, designed by Thomas Allom.

Scans from House & Garden, March 1989.


Andie said...

theres nothing else i can say right now... just:

plaisirs simples said...

lauren! thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! i LOVE your instructions to achieve the "messy hair" look! i have thought about the highlights before but i can't bring myself to start down that road..i will definitely try this though! thank you!


ps- i'll be a regular visitor at your blog from now on...you find and post great stuff!

mrsben said...

Awesome just like Madame Coco's abode, but can you imagine house cleaning these places.

Bradley Higgenbottom said...

wow these are beautiful pictures such rich colors and dramatic objects it really makes for a eye catching photograph! love what your doing with your blog so far i will keep checking it ill follow you
do the same if you feel inclined...


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