Seductive Sythetics: Living in a Plastic Bubble

Decorating Ideas For Every Room In Your Home, 1969.  A GEM.  At least in the sense that the editors exhibit an unusual zeal for all things vinyl, Caprolan (??), rayon, laminate, olefin and nylon.   Their enthusiasm is infectious, yet I can't help but think that after the fact, some of these designers would rather have had the public not know about these deep, dark, design secrets.

Check out this upholstered room  by Mark Hampton, for instance.  Can you believe the nylon plaid that crawls right off the floor and UP THE WALLS!? I can only imagine it would be difficult to watch that tiny television. Surely, one's head would be spinning from all the plaid:

 Above "Bold plaid design of all nylon carpeting covers the floor and then goes up the wall; its splash of color echoes the steel-strong mood of the room." Design by Mark Hampton.

Above, "Fabrics lend flair to a living room made attractive and inviting by the well planned juxtaposition of pattern color, scale and texture.  The key print [is a] a weave of Avisco rayon and cotton [and] flooring is vinyl tile." No designer credited.  (Well planned juxtaposition? They're so serious!)

Above, "Dining rooms are formal and informal...Entire kitchen and bookcase can be closed off by wood-grained folding doors, but when they open (ed: get ready for it) they reveal plastic-faced cabinet screen printed to match fabric on upholstered pieces.  Red formica topped table serves for dining." No designer credited.

Above: "Vinyl floor by Amtico was custom-colored to match print and wall tones."

Above: "A great way to add style to your kitchen, and easy maintenance too— a wall to wall kitchen carpeting such as the bright blue carpet by Thomas Pride Mills, used in attractive kitchen [above]. Made of all-Herculon olefin fiber, carpet eliminates waxing, mopping and polishing..." A carpet in a kitchen is easy maintenance? Clearly, they haven't been in my kitchen while I cook.  I shudder to think what bright blue olefin looks likes.  Am I EVER glad this image is black and white. 

Above: "Family room sets the mood for fun and games...practical white vinyl floor... gets the punch of a zebra skin trophy..." Are those hot dogs vinyl too?


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

oh my-we all have an off day. No designer credited is understatement for most-though as I learned say nothing lest something nice-I do like the pattern in the vinyl floor. It goes in a design file(seriously)

robyn said...

i'm pretty sure i stole this book, or something very similar from my grandmother because i loved it so much. actually, i steal a lot of her old books. next up all her back issues of Sunset magazines from i think she has them dating back to at least the 60s!

Maria Confer said...

Cool retro interiors. I covet black and white tile floors.



little augury- hey, sometimes inspiration turns up in unlikely places!

robyn- I LOVE old magazines, the more antiquated the better. It's insane to look back and see what people were excited about (like everything vinyl!), and how things have changed (and what hasn't). It's funny- House & Garden used to bill themselves as a magazine for "young homemakers"!

Maria- I love black and white tile floors too.

beautyrest mattress said...

I love the designs. Very 1950's feel.

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