"Taste which is not one's own is a sort of holiday. One criticises but enjoys." 

So said writer and artist Denton Welch (1915-1948), in the last sentence of his Journals.  Agreed.  Sometimes you need a vacation from your own taste.  What would yours look like?

Have you seen Philippe Starck (of ghost chair fame)'s hotel Palazzina Grassi Venice?  The renovated aristocratic home on the Grand Canal opens this month.  It's different from what I'd normally be attracted to (especially given the location, I'd usually fantasize about something older, grimier, more gilded, you know...) , but there's something seductive in its glaminess.  Dripping chandeliers that look like they emerged from the canal, an excess of reflective surfaces (better start working out NOW), and shiny lagoon purple halls are calling my name:

Photos via Palazzina Grassi.


Rock Couture said...

That Chandelier is Beyond AMAZING!!

bravegrrl said...

oh wow, i just started following your blog and i love it!

this post is amazing


Louise said...

mirror mirror so much mirror! It's beautiful but I couldn't live in it. Which isn't the point, I suppose!

Linda Merrill said...

You're absolutely right about the "neo-baroque" observation on my Gramercy park hotel post. Schnabel and Starck both have a deeply luxurious feel, ott but in a good way! Although I could not deal with all those mirrors!

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