No Chocolates, JUST CHINTZ

Seeing as it's almost V-Day, I thought I'd share with you one of my all time favorite bedrooms ever, which just so happens to be one of the most glorious feminine rooms in existence.  Remind me why men aren't allowed to like chintz?

The bedroom was part of the New York city residence of Marie Hélène de Rothchild (1927-1996). The bed, walls, and curtains were all designed by the late (and very great) Geoffrey Bennison— the print is "Roses." I love everything about it, actually.

Scan from Beds by Diane Von Furstenburg. 

Not only did she have phenomenal taste, Marie Hélène was a fascinating character, known in particular for her extravagant parties and benefits.  Here, she's pictured with Salvador Dali in one of the most amazing coats I have EVER SEEN:

Image via Frillr.com.
From the New York Times Obituary (1996):
The Baroness, who enjoyed creating fantasies for her social occasions, once greeted 150 guests at a dinner (Diner de Tetes Surrealistes, whose invitations had to be read in a mirror) dressed as a stag at the kill, with a mask of towering antlers and pear-shaped diamond "tears" on her face. 
At a ball she gave at Ferrieres for 1,600 people, the chateau was covered in white muslin to make it look like a huge diamond-studded cobweb. A gala for the Paris Ballet transformed the Palais Garnier into a woodland, with trees and vines climbing to the ceiling. At another function, her Bal Proust, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Marcel Proust's birth, Cecil Beaton took guests' photographic portraits. 
"When she has made up her mind about something, there is nothing on earth that can deter her," her husband once said.


Concrete Jungle said...

I agree....wouldn't that have been a fun life to live! She looks in the picture as if it could be a chic party today!

shona said...

wow the extravagance is at its best! I actually saved the photo...i really love the picture of Dali....

jezebel said...

I love the juxtaposition of her sartorial and interior styles.

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