Red Room

In discussion of red rooms, especially amongst bloggers, Diana Vreeland's receives raving accolades time and again. It's not an understatement to say that she was wholeheartedly committed to the red thing (Google Image search "Diana Vreeland red" to see what I mean), and I appreciate this commitment, but sometimes I wonder if a love and admiration for Vreeland blinds us to the fact that her red room is a little much to stomach.

For me, the absolute apex, pinnacle, PEAK of red rooms is Denning and Fourcade's for Oscar de la Renta. Why, no—HOW—does it escape discussions of the color red?!?! It's gorgeous, succulent, luxurious, plush, cool, everything a red room should be. And it doesn't make me think of matadors, tomato sauce, or the hot desert sun (oh Diana, don't worry, I still love you) which is always good.

House & Garden, December 1985. By John Richardson, Photos by Oberto Gili.

The whole apartment is heavenly, definitely one of the reasons that Denning & Fourcade are at the top of my list of all time favorite design teams.

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