Graphic Design

On my agenda: Incorporating graphic elements into an otherwise non-graphic space. There's something fresh about the softness of rococo roundness and confused patterns encountering a pungent black and white combo. My latest experiments:


Black white and red look lush together.

Interesting facts that are somewhat useless: 1.
If a language has only two color terms, they'll likely designate "black" and "white." The third color term, if a language has only three, is red. 2. The contrast between black and white attracts the attention of newborns only seconds old. (Leading to the theory that it's likely that they learn to recognize a mother by her hairline, typically the highest contrast area on the face.) 3. The artist Alexander Calder favored the black/white/red color combo because he believed it most clearly displayed the motion of his mobiles.

What does all of this mean? That my affinity is shared by others and that the color combo might appeal to my reptilian brain. Comforting.

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Anonymous said...

You are super creative...love your blog

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