Bathing Beauties

What are these caravan-type deals lined up on the beach for, you ask? They are, of course, bathing machines from the turn of the century! Ever the overwrought contraption-loving lot that the Victorians were, they devised these canvas covered horse drawn wagons so that ladies could maintain modesty while bathing in the sea.

At first I think, dear god, this is HORRIFIC! I mean, what's the beach without the babes, right? Also, something about utilizing what is essentially a portable turn-the-sea-into-a-cavernous-tub device is inherently unappealing (these things have no windows!!!). But then my mind wanders towards the weekly summer tabloids awaiting me in the grocery isle, with all the botched triple-stapled stomachs and dimply lipo jobs (think Tara Reid- she's an old classic in this genre, for sure), and suddenly these machines are looking pretty glorious.

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