Seeing Stars

The library of Lord Byron, in his palazzo in Pisa, Italy.

Obviously, this moody image speaks for itself, especially the metallic ornaments on the ceiling that have a way of floating above the dustiness of the rest of the room.

Lord Byron moved to this palazzo in Pisa, Italy as an exile. Legendary poet and self-promotional womanizing rock star of his day that he was, Byron quickly turned the house into a meeting place for romantics and revolutionaries, including Percy Bysshe Shelley, who also lived in the city.

Aside from the fact that this room (and its provenance) is just really superb at inspiring fantasies of all kinds, I love it also because of its color palette. The dusty blues, lavenders, taupes, grays and aged metallics make a divine combination that could easily be put to use in any room, regardless of size or palazzo status.

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