Rococo and rock and roll: two approaches to excess, indulgence, decadence, drama, amusement, decoration. In this case, home decoration. An extension of personal style, a stage for personal drama, it's only fitting that the two worlds meet here. I wanted to keep things lighthearted, while obviously avoiding a cheesy or cheap interpretation of the sort that seem to abound. So, I brought out the 1896 Rococo revival candelabra (a favorite, for sure) for inspiration, along with much silk taffeta, brass studs, linen, canvas, and enormous (27") down filled pillow inserts.

I experimented with hand painted surfaces: canvas and worn in linen, paint on the former, dye on the latter. A pillow is ordinarily exclusively a soft affair, but I thought they might be more interesting with a little more contrast, some... tooth. A more aggressive take on the least aggressive item in a dwelling.

A lust for textural excitement expressed itself through a combination of disheveled, softened linen, sharp studs, coarse canvas, and slippery taffeta.

And of course, I lined them entirely in silk. A sort of hidden extravagance.


home before dark said...

Love the contrast of materials. Are the studs too sharp for comfort or is this simply a looky, not a for real use?

I would also like to know more about your background. How carelessly you toss out "hand painted on fabric" or "dye" there. I am impressed and amazed at your skills and your eye. I think I am the only one to make comments recently. I hope I am not the only reader. You need more people to know about you!


Surprisingly, the studs LOOK a lot more dangerous than they actually are! Am I going to curl up with the pillow? Probably not. But on a sofa, they're completely functional.

Thank you for your feedback. I certainly wish other readers would comment more often (or ever), but your comments are so encouraging that even if you ARE the only reader, I'll continue to post.

As for my background... I graduated from Vassar not too long ago, majored in cognitive science, and took alot of art history and fine arts a long the way. Cogsci was great exercise for the brain, but the arts have always been my primary interest. Actually, obsession. And of course, it certainly helps that I grew up exposed to lots of bizarre creative endeavors through a mother and grandfather who were both extremely creatively involved (painting, plastering, carving, potting, gardening, building gliders... you name it).

Whew, that was quite a mouthful.

X Lauren

home before dark said...

Am I impressed! I knew it had to be good, but this "mouthful" was delicious. By the way, always love the hidden extravagance. Always a gift that brings a smile. Keep up the wonderful work...a book perhaps?

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