Eat THIS, Martha Stewart!

Happy early Thanksgiving, dear American readers!  Are we all preparing for our feasts tomorrow? Whipping out those yardsticks to ensure even tablecloth overhang? Checking that the place settings are spaced at perfect 16" intervals? Measuring everything from the center of the table for exacting symmetry? What's that you say, you haven't started?! Better get crackin', this could take all night.

Following scans from LIFE magazine, November 5, 1965.  "Exacting Ritual of Preparing for a Party" with Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post:


Greet Lefèvre said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Wouw the lady in this picture is inspecting the work of that poor man!!!
Here in Belgium, we don't know a Thankgsgiving day so tonight it is a regular evening for me!

Jasmin said...

Dear lord! This is hilarious yet tragic. Don't people have better things to do?

soodie :: said...

good lord! i wish i had the desire to be that meticulous. but i don't. and hate to say that i don't mind going to a restaurant because someone else has to clean up and all the hoopla is over with.

Hannah said...

that is so freakin weird but also kinda cool and i can imagine myself doing it haha... ocd.

hope you had a rad thanksgiving xx

Louis St.Lewis said...

The same thing happens at Buckingham Palace on a regular basis. I think that we will always need people who set extreme standards. It is both an inspiration and a cautionary tale. Personally, I love it.


Greet- I hope you had a great night just the same!

Soodie- I think it helps to have hired help whose sole job it is to measure the distance from place setting to place setting. I'd be more meticulous if that were the case!

Hannah- All the more power to you. Wish I were a little more meticulous at times...I hate measuring with a PASSION. I don't even measure the distances between the paintings on my wall, which has occasionally resulted in some interesting situations!

Louis St. Lewis- Good point. And this is certainly extremity at its most extreme.

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