Sugar and Spice

'Tis the season for sugar, spice, and everything nice, and in that spirit, there are a few lovely ladies who are especially worthy of a warm hearted thanks:

Thank you to Little Augury for crowning the (IN)DECOROUS TASTE jacquard chicken with "Mistletoe & Holly" for the "Best December Post." I'm beyond blown away, and so is that chicken!

Thank you also to Home Before Dark, who bequeathed to me the copy of Regency Redux that she won from Emily Evans Eerdmans (the author herself) Home has been out and about lately- at JCB's here, Little Augury's here, and Emily Evans Eerdmans' here. Please do check her out- she's a witty commenter and an even wittier blogger! Thank you also, Home Before Dark and Little Augury, for all the encouragement and interest both of you offered when (In)Decorous Taste had only, uh...two readers.

Photographs and interior (screen, wall, painted mirror) by (IN)DECOROUS TASTE.  Makeup and styling in collaboration with the fabulous Cristin.  


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

8 Inches of snow here. You will have Home and Me fighting over who is SPICE? Both-jinx.
I love the walls- a pale blue w very a faded brown bag color? Of course-you know this very Fortuny- a tricky technique with stencils? Love it indeed.and as for the thank you- honestly INdecorous taste-riotous, pious and otherwise-In, too fabulous not to share, and besides it makes me look pretty smart! GT


18 inches of snow is apparently on its way over here! You and Home can have a virtual match- that'll spice up the blog for sure. And yes, regarding the walls, you don't miss a trick! They were done with a combo of glossy and matte paint, in hopes of creating some Fortuny-esque texture. The blue is great at this time of year especially, when it looks even cooler and more wintry.

home before dark said...

Lauren had I not spread the word about you people would have thought I was hallucinating and falling into any number of clinical descriptions ripped straight from the DSM-IV!

"Photographs and interior (screen, wall, painted mirror) by (IN)DECOROUS TASTE" such small print you don't at first realize EVERYTHING shown one way or another came from your brain and your heart.

And kudos to Mother (In)Decorous Taste who is Lauren's sidekick and painter. Genius, I keep telling you Vassar girl, is in the DNA! Happy holidays. Can't wait to see you outfit the turkey.

Helen James said...

What a beautiful Image, as for that chicken.........unbelievable!!! A bird never looked so good! Lovely to make your acquaintance. x


Helen- Thank you! It's lovely to make yours, as well.

Anonymous said...

The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible ".


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