Moore Displays

"In response to a question on the current use of realistic mannequins, he says, 'I don't think they are very realistic, because I never see people taking positions that mannequins take. I'm tired of seeing girls looking like they're spreading their legs to take a piss. It's dreadful. There's such a lack of elegance that I can't bear it.'" -Gene Moore, in Windows by Michael Emory

The window display artist Gene Moore (1910-1998) designed over 5,000 windows throughout his career as Tiffany's display director.  Although he was trained as a fine artist, he regarded his displays as a form of news reporting, a reflection of the times in which they were made, too disposable to be "real" art. I hope Mr. Moore was just being modest. Because I BEG TO DIFFER!

Wikipedia says that Moore lived in a United Nations Plaza apartment designed by Robert Denning (For whose designs I have an extreme affection.  See here and here.). Could it be true?

There's some Dali influence in the disembodied, floating arms, isn't there?

From Windows by Michael Emory


Couture Cookie said...

Uh-oh... I don't agree with this quote at all! I believe mannequins should inspire, not necessarily look real! Whatever "real" is.


I agree, and I think Moore would too. I think the difference comes down to what in particular one finds inspiring. In Moore's case, it isn't a mannequin! But I think that's part of what makes his work so interesting- the lack of "humans" inhabiting his displays. Lauren

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