Moore Displays

"In response to a question on the current use of realistic mannequins, he says, 'I don't think they are very realistic, because I never see people taking positions that mannequins take. I'm tired of seeing girls looking like they're spreading their legs to take a piss. It's dreadful. There's such a lack of elegance that I can't bear it.'" -Gene Moore, in Windows by Michael Emory

The window display artist Gene Moore (1910-1998) designed over 5,000 windows throughout his career as Tiffany's display director.  Although he was trained as a fine artist, he regarded his displays as a form of news reporting, a reflection of the times in which they were made, too disposable to be "real" art. I hope Mr. Moore was just being modest. Because I BEG TO DIFFER!

Wikipedia says that Moore lived in a United Nations Plaza apartment designed by Robert Denning (For whose designs I have an extreme affection.  See here and here.). Could it be true?

There's some Dali influence in the disembodied, floating arms, isn't there?

From Windows by Michael Emory


M said...

Uh-oh... I don't agree with this quote at all! I believe mannequins should inspire, not necessarily look real! Whatever "real" is.


I agree, and I think Moore would too. I think the difference comes down to what in particular one finds inspiring. In Moore's case, it isn't a mannequin! But I think that's part of what makes his work so interesting- the lack of "humans" inhabiting his displays. Lauren

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