Inspired by Fabergé

Assorted Fabergé enamel boxes

Left: Painted jewel accent table with faux malachite boxes. Right: Painted tortoise accent table with faux malachite boxes.

Painted malachite box detail

Painted decorative box

Ebonized turquoise table

Ebonized turquoise table detail

It's undeniable: Fabergé, the Russian imperial jeweler, knew how to put together drool-inducing objects rich in texture, color and minute detail. And those lumpy briolette diamonds? What bling should be. So, naturally, Fabergé has been serving as my latest muse and inspiration.

Why stop with jewels? I figure the world could use some Fabergé inspired furniture. I wanted these to be extremely decadent, to approximate the mouth watering nature of Faberge's work.  To avoid tackiness deluxe, I incorporated a fair share of patina, a hefty dose of age. My apologies in advance for the lack of briolette diamond encrustation. I do what I can, my dears.

All furniture and painted boxes created, styled and photographed by (In)Decorous Taste.

1 comment:

jasonwclark said...

I really dig these, especially ebonized turquoise table detail. The malachite and black too, such a glorious combination. You've got some seriously deft brushwork going on here - very impressive!

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