A Bunch of Kale For You, Babe

February is nearly over, Valentine's Day has come and gone, and frankly, I'm sick of roses. Right about this time of year, when even the least floral flower arrangement looks too floral, make like Constance Spry (revolutionary florist extraordinaire, 1886-1960) and beeline it to the produce section of the grocery store. In an era when women were concerned primarily with decoding the meaning of their lovers' bouquets, full of lilacs and lilies (love and purity, respectively), it's amazing that Spry could find beauty in the structural drama of kale:

Kale Leaves, 1937. Constance Spry Ltd.

It's even more amazing to me that Spry achieved the level of fame that she did; her commissions included society weddings (for one, she used only cow parsley to decorate a church) and Syrie Maugham's interiors. Alternately, if kale isn't your cup of tea (or you find that you'd rather eat your bouquet than look at it), an unconventional and interesting vessel will toughen up a more, shall we say, flowery, assortment of flowers. Sort of like throwing a motorcycle jacket on a sickeningly frilly dress. I digress, but you know how it goes.

Constance Spry with bouquet, Condé Nast Store.

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