The Old Hatter

Images from February 2009 World of Interiors

Right after I made my last post about boiserie, I happened upon this example in February's World of Interiors. The building was formerly the P&C Habig hat shop in Vienna, designed by Holzmann and Adam in 1896. Seriously, what's not to love?
  • Red and blue crests are reminiscent of FabergĂ© jewels. They look delectable; I want to eat them.
  • Ditto for the porcelain white walls paired with the worn antique gold latticework. My mouth is watering as I type this. Ideally, this is what a cake should look like.
  • I. Love. Hats. I also love the idea that at one point in time, people felt that hats were of great enough import to warrant such a grand space.
  • And what about the contrast between the ornate Beaux Arts style and the weird "Taraxacum" chandeliers by Flos? I think what makes the effect is that they vaguely replicate the light refracting effects of a traditional chandelier.
The only thing I'm not entirely sure of are the secretarial/dental looking Jasper Morrison work tables flanking the room. I suppose the bizarrely sterile touch has something to do with the fact that this building now houses an events planning firm. I can't decide if I love them or hate them (although this usually indicates that I will slowly, or quickly, tend toward the former).

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