Devil's in the Details

If the devil is in the details, then the best way to give him a run for his money is by. . . changing the finials on your lamps. All of them. Even the new ones. ESPECIALLY the new ones. Old finials make lackluster lamps look more expensive and worldly. A few of my favorite antique gobstoppers:

Lamp finials, all vintage

And then a little secret. The best play to find old, heavy, cracked and otherwise interesting finials is secondhand. Rip them off ugly lamps, scour the internet, search eBay regularly, dig them out of the trash! Some of my finials were seriously a steal. A cursory search on Ebay and then Etsy yielded these:

Left to right: Etsy,ornate brass finial from myohmymaggie, $12.00, Ebay fleur de lis finial, Etsy porcelain rose finial from mothtoaflame, $32.00, Ebay ruby glass finials, Ebay amber glass finials, Ebay tole flower finial.

1 comment:

The HouseCat said...

If it were up to me, the finials would end up on more than just the lamps. Especially the amber and ruby glass ones... Mind you, I have this dream to live in something between a Victorian townhouse and a fairytale...

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