Gimme an A for Attitude

Above Left: Ray Johnson Letter to Lucy R. Lippard, 1969, Smithsonian Archives of American Art. Above Right: Ray Johnson collage, artnet.com.

"I chose a profile portrait of Andy Warhol. Ray told me the price and foolishly I made him a counteroffer, maybe 80 percent of the price he'd quoted. Ray agreed and said he'd send me the piece in about a week. And of course a week later the Warhol profile arrived in the mail with 20 percent missing from the bottom right corner. I still have the bill here somewhere, charging me for 'most of a Ray Johnson collage.'" -Peter Schuyff, on artist Ray Johnson.

Ray Johnson, I heart you. If you haven't seen How To Draw A Bunny, I highly recommend it. Really interesting, extremely humorous.

XX Lauren

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