Yoes, Yes!

Scan from May 2009 World of Interiors.Photo by Annie Schlechter.

One look at this fantastic perspective-bending, spatially disorienting Modernist masterpiece of a kitchen in the April World of Interiors saw me FEVERISHLY Googleing its maker, artist Amy Yoes.

Of course, I wonder how I'd manage to prepare my morning coff
ee without some degree of vertigo, but then, my love of the space doesn't necessarily stem from my desire to live in it. It does, however, provide comfort to know that there are people who relish taking tea in a work of art!

That having been said, at the crux of my appreciation is Yoes's melding of decorative and structural elements.

The space is ambiguous and confusing: it's not clear what's protruding, what's receding, which surfaces are flat, and which are bent and shattered. And this whole effect is achieved with a combination of structural protrusions and painted blocks and angles, a dialogue between paint, form, and 3d space that ultimately jumbles, shatters, and warps something as functional and common as a kitchen.

Count me impressed.

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